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Quadruplets Twins!!!!!!!

Quadruplets Twins

The quadruplets Twins are nothing but,"One of a group of four babies born from the same mother during the same birth".
1 the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one [syn: four4IV,tetradquaternquaternionquaternaryquaternityquartetfoursome,Little Joe]
2 one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy [syn: quad]
3 a set of four similar things considered as a unit [syn: quartet,quartette]

                                         Silicon Model of a quadruplets 
Quadruplets Ratio:
Although there are about 500 sets of quadruplets born in the US every year, hospital officials estimated the birth of identical quadruplets happens only once in 11 million deliveries. 

Human multiple births

The most common form of human multiple birth is twins (two babies), but cases of higher orders up to octuplets (eight babies) have all been recorded with all siblings being born alive. 
  • The largest set in which all members survived more than a few days is septuplets, the first of which was in 1997
  • The largest set to have even a single member survive isoctuplets, in 1998 (with the seven surviving octuplets born in Texas).

Four Quadruplet Newborns

Identical quadruplets Preana, Audreana, Natalie, and Melody Khamsa were delivered just minutes after midnight on March 27, 2002, in California to couple Ornsee Khamsa and Verek Muy
The girls are genetically identical, originating from a single egg fertilized by a single sperm, doctors said.

quadruplets - California

Leap-year day quads for Bristol mum

AS they lie peacefully in their incubators, quads Reuben, Zachary, Joshua and Samuel Robbins are blissfully unaware that they have been born at odds of 3.5 million to one.

                                         quadruplets - Bristol

The four boys are naturally-conceived quads, which is a one-in-750,000 occurrence, and they were born on February 29, a date that only occurs once every four years, in a leap year.

Here are some of a Quadruplets pictures below!!!

Doctor team at Indiana hospital saves identical quadruplets

A team of highly qualified doctors and medical personnel, under the leadership of Dr. Ali Kumble, saved four babies born to the same woman (quadruplets) at Indiana Hospital in Mangalore. 

                                                           quadruplets - Mangalore,India.

The lucky parents are Latheef and Aysha Tahira of Kasargod, who got blessed with 4 babies after years of childlessness. 
When Aysha delivered four babies prematurely, doctors were unsure if they would survive as the survival rate of quadruplets was one in 70 lakh. 
Besides, the babies needed to be put on life saving support in a highly sophisticated care centre, which was a very expensive process. 
He also informed that there are only 60 such recorded cases in the world and such babies hardly survive into infancy if they are born at 26 weeks of pregnancy and weigh only 500 – 900gms. 
Speaking on the challenges faced in helping these babies to survive, the doctor said that the team had to ensure that they maintained a normal breathing pattern and tolerated the food given to them. 
Besides, hygiene and sanitation had to be maintained to avoid sepsis, owing to which the babies were handled only by nurses trained especially for this job. 

Quadruplets born to Kasaragod couple

Quadruplets were born premature to a couple from Kasaragod. Only three children survived, following three weeks in neonatal intensive care unit of a city hospital here.

Dr. Kumble said the incidence of quadruplets occurred once in 70 lakh births
Moreover, giving birth to children of same sex (in Ms. Aysha's case all were boys) happened once in 13 million births.
While two babies weighed around 900 grams, two weighed 580 grams. The challenge for the hospital was to ensure that the four babies did not get any complications and also maintained normal breathing pattern for three months.
The four babies were brought in a vehicle in four incubators to the hospital within an hour of the delivery.
The nurses maintained a constant vigil on the babies at the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for the last four weeks. While the three children showed signs of improvement, one died of complications on Monday. The three babies were given breast milk using nasogastric tube.
Dr. Kumble hoped to send home the three babies in three months. He said these babies needed a regular follow-up check-up for about a year to address the possible neurological problems seen in the quadruplets.

quadruplets' time at the Boone Hospital

Boone Hospital physicians worked closely with Kristin and Stuart as they cared for their quadruplets inside Boone Hospital’s Intensive Care Nursery.

                                 quadruplets' time at the Boone Hospital Intensive Care Nursery

For any child born around 30 weeks the main concerns are lung and brain maturity.

Wilson, Ellie and Luke were quickly put on oxygen after being born to help them breathe with their immature lungs.
Doctors also spotted a potential intestinal problem with Caroline, which tests revealed to be nothing more than a gassy bubble.
  • After six weeks in the Intensive Care Nursery, Wilson and Luke were ready to go home.
  • At eight weeks old, Ellie came home. Then, one week later, Caroline was discharged from the hospital.
  • The family was finally united at home.
“Overall, there were no major things wrong with any of them,”

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